I was born with a sweet tooth and had the cavities to prove it.

When I was little my Mother taught me how to swim. Things were going along great but I wouldn’t put my head underwater and dive. My Mother tried everything, coins to take advantage of any lurking greed, toys for the fun times… Nothing worked. Until one day she put M&M’s on the bottom of the pool. Bingo. I dove like a fish to grab my treasure and promptly popped them in my mouth before they could be taken away for fear of chlorine ingestion. And that’s how it started…

My Mother and Grandmother, whom I called Honey, taught me how to cook. My Mother lovingly letting me destroy the kitchen (I’m an incredibly messy cook.) in the name of poppy seed cakes, peach cobbler, and the best chocolate pie I have ever tasted. Honey was a little less impressed with the mess but still braved my, “but I want to do it!” attitude.

They both made killer desserts. I have a carrot cake recipe that makes people act unnatural. The recipe has been modified and added to from one of Honey’s 1963 cookbooks.

So as a result, I’m a touch picky about my desserts.  There is nothing worse than that first bite of mediocrity after you’ve made the decision to splurge on a sweet treat.  And that’s how this blog was born.  Let me do the legwork for you!

Here’s to our sweet adventure!

– Natalie

English: A pile of plain M&M's candies.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Natalie, nice to meet you and your husband Charlie last Saturday. Hope you like your cow-hide. I will get you my mother’s Italian Cream cake recipe as soon as we dig out our cookbooks from one of the shipping boxes. We enjoy your blog a lot. Have you tried the cupcakes at Gigi’s in Kingwood? I had one a while back and thought it was very tastey even though I guess cupcakes are sooooo last year. Take care and might I suggest your next blog be about BBQ (your doing all the guess work for me).
    Take care,
    Curtis and Julie

    • Curtis – It was great meeting you guys and thank you for the positive feedback! Ha – I’m adding Gigi to my eat list. I’ll leave BBQ open for the moment but if you decide to write about it, I’ll read it! 😉 – Natalie

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