CoolHaus – Balsamic Fig Marscapone Sammie

To celebrate a recent career move, we headed to Austin for some outdoorsy relaxation.  And of course dessert.

After delicious drinks and dinner at Peche, including a note-worthy bleu cheesecake, the group headed to the Blind Pig for one of our favorite acoustic cover talents, Joe Vega.  After Crash, What’s Up?, and a few random DJ-played 90s R&B throwbacks, our group called it an evening.  But not before a food truck run!

Houston’s food truck scene has seen a serious explosion of activity in the last year but it has nothing on Austin.  Perhaps it’s because going out in Austin is centralized to a several block radius whereas Houston’s club epicenter changes every six months? Though food trucks are, well, portable… I’m hoping Houston’s food truck craze continues to build. In the meantime, I enjoyed the sensory assault of Austin’s food truck variety.

Preparing for a late night mediocre slice of pizza or a greasy taco, we traipsed by an unexpected surprise: CoolHaus.

My brain processed CoolHaus and  Balsamic Fig Marscapone ice cream in a blur.  What?!  Sign me up.

CoolHaus has a clever motif: architecturally inspired ice cream sandwiches constructed of gourmet ice cream flavors smashed between tasty soft crunchy cookies served from repurposed vintage trucks.

You get to choose your ice cream and cookie combination so I was lost in taste testing for some time.

Austin’s current trends of Olive Oil and Marscapone dessert elements were well represented at CoolHaus.  The Balsamic Fig Marscapone’s textured creaminess melted on my tongue balanced by the tart balsamic swirl and sweet dried fig pieces.  The Coffee Oreo was an enviable collection of smooth chocolatey caffeination. In a surprising move, the Sea Salt Caramel swayed me.  Previously tasted sea salt caramel flavors leave me wondering whether they really used salt at all but not so with Coolhaus’s rendition.

The ice cream is not so creamy that you feel you are drowning in a thick milky haze.  We liked it so much we went back the next day!

The second time, after a walk through downtown Austin to their home location of 6th and Waller, I went with my original craving and had the balsamic fig marscapone ice cream on their gluten-free coconuts almond cookie.

The cookie.  Gasp. Gluten free cooking today is vastly different from the cardboard bland textures of a few years ago!  It was not only tolerable but I actually preferred it to the tasty oatmeal cookie from the night before.  The cookie follows its initial crunchiness with a satisfying chewiness that gives your teeth something to hang on to and provides some structural soundness to the ice cream.  The mini dark chocolate chips hidden within add a great element to the assembled treat.

I would have preferred a heartier taste with more balsamic swirl and fig pieces but the flavors were delicious and I tried not to share a single bite.

The sandwiches are even earth friendly in their potato starch edible wrappers that stay solid just long enough for you to devour your Sammie.

The company started in California and is slowly making their way into new cities. A little birdie mentioned a Dallas location is coming soon.  Houston next please!

The flavors change daily with some dairy free and vegan options for those of you who are in to that sort of thing. 😉  You can follow them on Twitter @Coolhausatx.  If you stop by the cheery, knowledgeable  businesswoman Caitlin will take good care of you and help you decide on your best combination.  Give it a try and tell me what you think!

Coolhaus  – Balsamic Fig Marscapone with Gluten-Free Coconut Almond Cookie Sammie


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