Chocolate Croissant – Kraftsmen Bakery in the Heights

I met a friend last Friday morning to try the Kraftsmen Bakery in my neighborhood.  The experience was comical and is best suited for a blow-by-blow.  Grab some coffee!

After perusing the cleverly named menu, my friend orders and then I place my order:

Me: I’d like the Be All You Can Be Bagel [a mouth-watering combo of egg, smoked salmon, dill, capers, cream cheese, and red onions].
Man Behind the Counter (MBC): I’m sorry, we are out of bagels.  We were wiped out this morning.
Me: [silently] It’s only 8:30!
Me: Oh!  Well, what about making the dish with everything sans bagel?
MBC:  Uh let’s see… actually, we’re out of smoked saLmon too.
Me: [Sad face] Really? That’s terrible!  Well, I know I want a chocolate croissant.  Let’s start there while I’m thinking about the rest…
MBC: Ok great.
Me/MBC/Me/MBC/Me/MBC/Me: [Working out the other elements of my breakfast.]
MBC: Ok, your total is $12.
Me: You got the chocolate croissant as well?
MBC: Yep!
Me: Ok – thank you!

The airy restaurant was fairly empty as expected for a post-rush hour Friday morning.  Our food arrived quickly, hot and tasty.  Except for my chocolate croissant.

We swap chocolate croissant stories, my friend reminiscing over her Parisian experiences with bowls of café au lait and delectable chocolate croissants, me remembering the deliciousness of a daily chocolate croissant fix from Wild Flour on a recent Banff trip.

Still empty-handed in Houston though…

My friend gets up for water and kindly asks about the missing pastry.

MBC: Oh! Yeah, let me get that for you. Does she want it warmed up?
Friend: I’m not sure, let me ask.
Friend: [walking back over to me] Do you want it warmed up?
Me: [still sitting] That would be wonderful, thank you!
MBC: Oh. I actually just sold the last one.

Friend: [Exits stage right.]
Me: [Walking to the pastry counter.]

A touch of confusion at the counter.  BC helps another customer while I wait.

MBC: I am so sorry, I just sold the last three.
Me: [silently] Three?!
Me: [smiling, realizing this is blog material heaven.] Um, why did you sell it to me if you had already sold it?
MBC: It completely slipped my mind.  I’m sorry about that.  Is there anything else you want? You can have any pastry you want or I can give you your money back.
Me: [spying mini chocolate croissants] I’ll take the mini versions.
MBC: [generously loads up two bags, one with mini croissants and muffins, one with a glistening almond croissant] Here you go.  Sorry about that.
Me: Thank you!

Returning to the table, we try the chocolate croissants.  Like a kid excitedly opening Christmas presents to discover a box of socks, our first bite was disappointing. The croissant was cold, stale, and dense, made worse by the wad of chocolate in the middle.

Hoping we just caught them distracted by their recent news, I will definitely give them another try.  The place is well-decorated and airy, in a rustic meets modern way.  I appreciate the concept, its proximity, and the true neighborhood feel.  Friends young and old were greeting other customers and catching up on family as they found their seats.  The great set list they were rocking at just the right volume was a big selling point as well.

Crossing my fingers that the next visit is better!

Chocolate Croissant – Kraftsmen Bakery in the Heights


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