Rodeo Rumble – Round 2

Rodeo Rumble Round Two – Fair Fix vs. Sills Funnel Cake House

Like a kid making a weekly trip to the candy store with $1 allowance money in her pocket, I am mentally walking down the food tent aisles thinking about what I REALLY want and how to manage tasting standbys and new items in one trip.  I have rodeo food FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

Luckily, much of the decision was made for me this past Saturday as I headed to Reliant for Rodeo Rumble Round Two!

Despite my “Life is Short, Eat Dessert First” motto, we opted for savory first, in the form of a Cowboy Burrito, my husband’s favorite.

As that was settling, we walked the tents scoping out a worthy adversary for Round One winner, Fair Fix.  Just as we were running out of real estate, we saw Sills Funnel Cake House.

Winner of the Rodeo’s 2011 Gold Buckle Foodie Best Dessert award for their Banana Split Funnel Cake, Sills offers Fried Nutter Butters, Oreos, Twinkies, Oatmeal Cream Pies and much more.  All the Fried Dessert options clocked in at $5, an equal and better price than Fair Fix depending on what you ordered.

As a result of a little southern hospitality on their part, we sampled two offerings in one order with a little switcheroo.  Nutter Butters, a family favorite, and an Oreo.

Sills’ smiling staff fried and dusted the desserts in a generous helping of powdered sugar while we watched. Fresh!

First bite.  Dilemma.  How could I eat the dessert without having to share? It was too late to pretend I hadn’t ordered the food. Or had dropped it. Or had already eaten it all.  I had no choice, I had to share.

The perfectly golden crust carried a hint of cinnamon.  The batter’s proportions were like a jacket properly weighted for the exact outside temperature.  Rather than seemingly two separate bites of cookie and then batter, we were eating a complete entity.

The Nutter Butters had a bit more batter but the additional moisture and cooked-just-that-much texture kept the peanut butter from being too dry like the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups at Sweet Cheeks.

Most impressive was the Oreo.  Fresh out of the fire, the cream was melted but the cookie still had crunchy structure so you had something to hang on to as you ate.

I would have sat there and stuffed my happy face with three more servings had the Voice of Reason not won out.

We walked around a bit to clear our heads and get over the budding love affair with Sills.

Back to Fair Fix.

To make absolutely sure, we ordered the same thing we had at Sills Funnel Cake House, Fried Oreos.

The Oreos were a bit more well done here and I opted for a bit of chocolate sauce on the side to see if I was missing out on a flavor explosion (FOMO rearing its ugly head).

It was anticlimactic.  They were tasty but the cream wasn’t melted, the cookie was mushy, and we were already ruined by Sills goodness.

It turns out the freshness and batter are important factors as those are the same criteria that won Rodeo Rumble Round One for Fair Fix.  Round Two goes to Sills for the same reasons!

It is worth stating that Fair Fix won Best Fried Dessert 2012 for their Fried Red Velvet Cake.  It’s on my try list for this weekend.

Rodeo Rumble Round Two Winner – Sills Funnel Cake House


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