Rodeo Rumble – Round 1

Rodeo Rumble Round 1 – Sweet Cheeks vs Fair Fix

It’s Rodeo Time Houston! This means boots, turkey legs, and fried bits of deliciousness. … and about 57 other fun things.

The largest livestock exhibition and entertainment show that is the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo  is a far cry from my first rodeo experience at the smaller but respectable San Antonio Rodeo. Musical guest then was the Oak Ridge Boys. Memories anyone?  Feel free to hum “Come on in… Baby take your coat off…” while reading.

Rather than a rating, we are going with a two-part, toe-to-toe, boot-to-boot, grease vat-to-grease vat showdown. Who has the best fried sugar options? Over the course of two visits, we sampled several offerings from Sweet Cheeks, Fair Fix, and Sill’s Funnel Cakes. It’s important that you read “two visits”. No need to be concerned for my health, safety, or cholesterol.

Our first fried foray was Sweet Cheeks, whose name I adore.

They are the first fried sweets booth as you leave Reliant so it’s an easy stop and often has the longest lines.  We went with options we hadn’t tried yet:  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Captain Crunch.

It’s in your best interest to grab some water as the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup somehow manages to suck all the moisture out of the concoction.  Sweet Cheeks preps several servings of each dessert in advance to better prepare for crowds. While this means the line moves well, the desserts aren’t hot and fresh as they make their way to your mouth.

The Cap’n Crunch was reminiscent of a rice krispie treat with a bit of a marshmallow-type substance binding the colorful chunks together.

Though the desserts had potential, the pancake meets corn dog style batter thickly coating the contents overwhelmed the flavor.  I was willing to share more than my half of the Reese’s and we didn’t even finish the Cap’n Crunch treat.  Both actions are practically unheard of in my eating repertoire.

A sadly lackluster performance by the adorable Sweet Cheeks…

On to Fair Fix!  The Rodeo Best Dessert 2012 plaque in the window was a good sign.

Though it was tempting to order the Fried Red Velvet cake, Fried Snickers won out.  We wanted to try others for a more direct comparison but no one wants an unfortunate incident on the Gravitron after a fried food feast.

Fair Fix, perhaps because they are the newest kids on the block, were more friendly and offered chocolate sauce to adorn your fried goodness if you felt the amount of sugar was insufficient!

The Snickers tasted a touch stale but it was more out-of-the-grease hot than Sweet Cheeks’s fare. The Snickers ingredients also melted better keeping the dessert from tasting too dry.

Prices are consistent across both vendors with Fair Fix charging a bit more for their Red Velvet option. Final decision? Fair Fix wins on batter and overall freshness.

Check back Thursday for the Fair Fix vs. Sill’s Funnel Cakes showdown!

Round One Winner – Fair Fix


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