Sour Dough Doughnuts – Alto Pizzeria

Does everyone remember the first time they tried Nutella or is that just me?

I was living in Budapest, Hungary several months after the Wall had fallen. As an American, I had intimate knowledge of chocolate and peanut butter but chocolate and hazelnut? In that cute little jar? I don’t remember all the ways we ate Nutella but I remember one option involved nothing more than a spoon. A more civilized option was spread over thick slices of homemade bread.

If you are reading and just thought, “Uh, I haven’t ever tried Nutella….” This is important: Grab your car keys, bike, or shoes, proceed with haste to your nearest grocery store and make it happen. None of the knock off versions. Try the real thing first. I see a Nutella product comparison post in our future…

When I saw Sour Dough Doughnuts with Nutella on Alto Pizzeria’s Dinner Menu, the decision was practically made for me.

The Sour Dough Doughnuts are aptly named. The thick, dense, dry pastry orbs come in a six pack with a hearty dusting of granular sugar. I expect doughnuts to taste less, well, bready and a bit more moist. These doughnuts tasted like bread balls with sugar on top. And not in the favorable lightly sweetened Mexican pastry style. There was no fighting over who eats the last one or raving about how our salivary glands were working over time. Unanimous decision at the table was “eh”. Let me be honest, most of this dessert’s rating comes from the melted Nutella. I needed a spoon.


Though the presentation followed the design rule of three, I felt the restaurant motif was simultaneously confused and not carried through the dish, specifically distracted by the industrial metal housing the Nutella.

Dessert Detour:
Alto Pizzeria is a carb haven. The gorgonzola and fig pizza is flavorful, unusual, worth trying, and could even sub in for dessert. The night we went the pizza was dominated by crust. From friends who have been several times, this might be an atypical experience.

If a live band is scheduled, Alto is not a “get-to-know-you” place. Though Moodafaruka was great in their Gypsy King inspired tunes we could hardly hear each other when they were playing, even in the back of the restaurant.

Check out Devour Houston’s full and equally mixed review.

At $5 the doughnuts are a good deal, but not convincing enough to order a second time.

Sour Dough Doughnuts – Alto



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