Homemade Snickers Bar by How Sweet It Is

A woman wielding a serrated knife.
A woman wielding a heated serrated knife.
A man giving it a try too.
A man holding a straight-edged metal spatula.
A man tapping out in victory, angry red lines across his hands.

Battle of the Sexes?  An episode of Survivor: Kitchen Editon?  Not quite.

This is the ferocity with which otherwise normal human beings attacked a 9 x 13 pan of Homemade Snickers Bars.  I may have gone assembly-line on the recipe and threw each layer in the freezer to speed up the process.  Mistake?  Maybe but we got to watch each other refuse to be bested by the slightly frozen treats.

Several even tapped back in after the first go-round to wrangle another slice!

Two recipe deviations, used unsweetened peanut butter and at least 1/4 cup dark chocolate on the top layer, still left our mouths exploding with drool-worthy Snickers flavor.

Or so we thought…

It’s been quite a while since I’ve eaten a Snickers Bar.  A side-by-side comparison was in order.

Mini Snickers Bars.  Check.
Ingredients list.  Check.
Tasters.  Check.

I had not given this recipe enough credit.  You think you’re eating the spitting image of a Snickers Bar but really, you’re eating something much better.  The homemade version, as one would expect, is more flavorful.  The peanut butter flavor stronger, the caramel thicker and slightly more sticky, the nougat less crumbly.  All of these things AND the homemade version lacked partially hydrogenated oils and several other less-than-stellar ingredients.  A win on all counts!

I’m looking forward to trying this recipe again with dark chocolate and almonds. But first I must escape this sugar coma.

How Sweet Eats – Homemade Snickers Bars


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